Corporate Security

Meridian conducts operations throughout the world, offering due diligence services for companies that are looking to expand their business internationally, going through a merger or acquisition, or about to make an investment abroad. We use a blend of local and international talent to obtain real time accurate data so your team can make the best decision possible.

Meridian offers strategic country/regional/city assessments for your company or employee travelers. These assessments highlight safe zones (restaurants, hotels, medical and transportation), protests, geo political issues, currency conversion, and many other topics so that your employees travel safely.

Our maritime regulatory security subject matter experts have developed, implemented, and enforced United States and international maritime security regulations, policies, and standards for numerous Fortune 500 companies and government agencies such as the United States Coast Guard, United States Department of Homeland Security, the National Energy Board of Canada and Canadian Standards Association. We use a multi-disciplinary approach and intelligence-centric methodologies that enable clients to achieve their goals and objectives.


Meridian can assist governmental agencies with the development of rules, policies, plans and regulations to meet their domestic safety and security needs as well private sector operators to comply with those regulatory requirements. On the governmental side, we can provide analysis and drafting assistance to develop policies and/or regulations that meet domestic regulatory needs. For example, our staff is highly experienced with the U.S. Administrative Procedure Act and has provided U.S. agencies with rulemaking assistance. On the private sector side, we have developed plans and reports to ensure company compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Often, this includes onsite inspections and assessments, which we are well staffed to support.


In addition to developing rules, policies and procedures for compliance with domestic and international law, it is critical that such rules, policies and procedures are properly implemented and maintained. Meridian is well positioned to provide that support as well. We have substantial experience with assisting government and private companies in achieving compliance through proper implementation. Importantly, Meridian has the resources to help ensure continued compliance once a program is established. We accomplish this through a variety of means including ISO 9001:2015 audits, which we are qualified to perform.


The staff at Meridian Global Consulting consists of personnel who are very familiar with enforcement as both governmental agents enforcing federal and state laws as well as private companies responding to those enforcement actions. We have advised government agencies on proper enforcement of domestic and international laws as well assisted private companies in appealing government enforcement activities. It is our “real world” experience that makes us uniquely qualified to provide enforcement support.


– Intelligence

– Threat Assessment

– Regulatory Compliance

– Executive Protection

– Travel and Journey Management

– Cybersecurity

– Crowd and Protest Management

– Business Continuity Planning

– Facility, Vessel, and Corporate Security Officer Training

– Security Awareness Training

– TWIC Escort Training

– Facility and Vessel Security Plans

– MTSA / ISPS Drills and Exercises