Meridian Global
Consulting, LLC

Security Services

Meridian Global Consulting LLC is a group of experts and professionals that provide scalable risk mitigation solutions throughout the world. Meridian is committed to providing excellence at every turn.

Our team is comprised of the honorable men and women of integrity who have served their country with valor and now enjoy serving our clients with distinction. Our security services are tailored specifically to each client’s need.

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Intelligence & Briefings

Meridian conducts operations throughout the world. Meridian has a network of investigators and intelligence professionals throughout the world.

Our experts provide the highest quality products that will assist our clients in making critical decisions.

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October 27, 2016

Corporate Consulting

Meridian is a leader in risk, corporate structure, employee benefits, HR, and legal consulting.

Meridian’s experts comprise a corporate consulting team that help our clients preserve their bottom line while delicately mitigating appropriate risk in the future.

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